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This game is still in the testing phase. It it designed to approach a wide audience and as a result, the dice used is the D6

The default game style is based on parties roaming them impercet world, where outcasts form the perfect world end up if they survive the exclusion process. More will follow.

Wiki of perfect names and terms:

The Leader:
The Supreme leader of the perfect world who created perfection from the chaotic way which dominated the planet before he rose to power.

The LSS (Leader’s Super Soldiers):
The LSS was created recently by the leader to be the supreme keepers of perfection. Genetically modified to be 3,5 meters tall, muscular beasts, no task is too great for them to undertake especially because no one dares to stand in their way.

Imperfection is the general perfect term for anything or anyone failing to fulfill perfection such as a person who does not obey the perfect rules or gets his hand sawn off.
Equally a house where the roofing is falling down will be removed from the perfect world.

If someone survives the fall from the edge of the perfect world, the perils of the imperfect world and all of it’s horrifying imperfection awaits.


Main Page

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