The Perfect World

13/1- 2011: In the land of perfection

Max and Mark are to completely ordinary men i the perfect world. One is an ex- military and the other a successful biotech scientist.
One day all residents of Leaderway No.74 A22- C28 Recieves a letter revealing that there might be an imperfect on the loose in the neighborhood. They seems to be the only ones willing of investigating the matter and team up.
They soon find out that Johnny Johnson has forgotten his shopping bag at the Netto store. Johnny denies of course this accusation and with no evidence the pair go to the “Suery” and file a complaint on Mr. Johnson, before they go hunting for incriminating proof. As a result they themselves end up being the ones suspected of imperfections.
They are eventually released and immediately go back to the home of Johnny Johnson, leading the LSS there and is forces to jump the litteral edge of the perfect world.


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